William D. LaPorte, IN.

I have been looking for a real old style home made pizza since I moved here from Wisconsin! I used to love my best friends Step-Moms pizza place that has closed many, many years ago. Well today I have found my new old time favorite pizza place!! We pulled into the lot and my wife went in and got a menu and we made our selection. She went in and placed our order and they said about 20 minutes, so we went to the big blue store down the road. We were gone for longer than the twenty minutes but that pizza was as hot as ever when we picked it up!! I ordered a small thin crust with sausage and black olives with something new to me called "sweet" sauce!! Oh my god I will never order pizza any other way. That sauce is the best ever!!! The sausage was great and the crust was just what I was looking for. I also ordered a large chicken bacon ranch for my wife and daughter we left at home and I gotta say that one didn't let me down either, YUMMY!!


Clare B. Peoria, IL.

Outstanding! When I wanna pizza, it's gonna be this place from here on out. The hand-tossed dough melts in your mouth --light, airy and crispy on the edges. The ingredients are super-fresh and flavorful, too. I've eaten at a lot of different pizza joints in Chicago, and this place could definitely hold its own there. Wanna Pizza deserves some serious MC love.
I definitely wanna go back!


Shelby W. Crestwood, IL

Best pizza in the Chicago area. Listen guys. I moved to Illinois and can't eat this amazing pizza anymore. I had to find somewhere to leave a review about how much I love and miss this place. Every pizza place I try in our new town just CANNOT stack up to Wana. Every single time we would get Wana it was hot, FRESH, and I don't just mean hot and fresh, but fresh ingredients, and just all around perfect. The breadsticks are to die for. The pizza crust has this amazing garlic butter on it. I JUST MISS IT SO MUCH. Any time I'm back in MC or LP it's a must stop. So please eat it for me.